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 We provide the best-in-class utility management, cloud energy management apps, and energy efficiency services and products.

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Utility Management

Leveraging on our expertise in analytics and billing, we help commercial, industrial and residential clients monitor, understand, and reduce their energy costs while providing each of them with tailored quality support.

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Property Management

We provide property management solutions such as tariff analysis, metering, revenue collection, bulk account management, and reporting solutions to commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Smart Metering

Smart metering is a very efficient way to gain insight into energy consumption patterns. Energy Intelligence uses smart meter data to help its clients make informed decisions on their energy usage.

Tariff Optimization

Our tariff optimization services enable you to benefit from the most adapted and efficient electricity, water, and sewerage tariffs and to have access to our dedicated customer service.

Prepaid Metering

Prepaid metering makes energy consumption more visible, helps property managers control their costs, and enables residential users better monitor their consumption.

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Cloud Energy Management

Our experience in digital and mobile services enables us to deliver convenient and efficient cloud vending, monitoring, and reporting solutions.

Energy Intelligence platform

Our patented energy management, allocation, and billing software, Energy Intelligence Platform, collects data from meters and systems, compares it to baseline indicators, sends alerts in case of anomaly or consumption threshold overrun, and produces monthly reports.


Powertime’s website and mobile applications allow people to buy prepaid electricity quickly and conveniently 24/7 from anywhere. PowerTme also informs users of their usage and assists them in reducing their costs.

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Prepayment Vending System

We offer clients a fully integrated prepayment management solution: supply and installation of prepaid meters, prepayment vending system and management of prepaid electricity vending outlets surrounding your buildings.

PowerTime Store

Our store provides you with products that will help you manage your energy and save money. Start by measuring your energy consumption with our energy monitors, understand how you spend your energy, and act on it by getting our solar geyser installers to give you a free quote.


Energy Efficiency Management

We help businesses and property managers make their assets greener and reduce their energy consumption and expenditures with a wide offer ranging from energy audits to lighting retrofits and solar PV projects.

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Energy Efficiency

We assist clients in the implementation of energy efficiency solutions such as lighting retrofits, timers, motion sensors, and air conditioning units. Energy Intelligence has built strong partnerships with a range of experts in different fields.

Energy Audits

Knowledge is the beginning of change and is a tangible driver for saving opportunities. Our engineers can assist residential, commercial, and industrial clients analyze their usage, identifying problem areas, and providing actionable and result-oriented recommendations.

Solar PV

Energy Intelligence has developed long-lasting relationships with specialists of independent or grid-connected solar PV projects enabling industrial, commercial, and residential properties to save on their electricity bill and reducing their carbon footprint.


Energy Intelligence’s experienced consultants provide energy efficiency training sessions for small businesses and large corporate clients, ranging from half-day courses to more focussed on-site staff awareness, management, and technical training for corporate clients.

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